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Asphalt Driveway Repair Taunton, MA

Modern Paving’s driveway repair can bring new life to your property. The harsh winter months are tough to handle for even the heartiest of asphalt. So, if you notice cracks and damage this spring, you need asphalt driveway repair near Taunton, MA. Our team of qualified licensed paving contractors pay attention to the details and put care into their craft. That’s because we respect our customers and want them to save on future repairs. We use high-quality materials and powerful sealants to keep your home looking great for years to come.  So, if you are looking for an efficient asphalt repair company that respects your time, budget and property you need Modern Paving. We have been proudly based out of Fall River, MA since 1972. Our paving contractors proudly serve the communities in our radius, including Taunton, MA.

Asphalt Repair Companies Near Me

Are you searching for an asphalt repair company near you? Our team of paving contractors have been serving South-Eastern, MA for over 40 years. If you want a team with experience in asphalt driveway repair for your next project, we serve the following communities;

  • Fall River, MA
  • Westport, MA
  • Somerset, MA
  • Assonet, MA
  • Freetown, MA
  • East Freetown, MA
  • East Taunton, MA
  • Taunton, MA
  • Middleboro, MA
  • Swansea, MA
  • Dighton, MA
  • North Dighton, MA
  • Tiverton, RI

So if you need driveway repair near Taunton, MA, we are the asphalt repair company that can help you today. Our asphalt driveway repair team has years of experience and training to handle even the most complex projects. To sum it up, if you need asphalt driveway repair, Modern Paving has the paving contractors you want on your project.

Paving Contractors

Whether you need a new driveway or maintenance on your current one our paving contractors are ready to help. Our asphalt driveway company offers comprehensive service, including resealing. Resealing your property can save you from repairs down the line. So, consider having our team complete your driveway repair near Taunton, MA. First, give us a call or visit our office in Fall River, MA. Then, we will come down and take a look at your property. After that, we offer a free estimate and can discuss your timeline.  Our paving contractors focus on transparency and open communication during our projects, so you are always in the loop. We are also flexible with your schedule, to make your asphalt driveway repair as convenient as possible.

So if you want a team that respects your needs, consider hiring Modern Paving for your job. Our paving contractors are happy to talk to you today. We focus on your needs and come up with solutions for every job. Our team of paving contractors take pride in their work and are happy to serve Taunton, MA.


Driveway Repair Near Me

Are you looking for efficient paving contractors near Taunton, MA? Modern Paving is the asphalt repair company that offers comprehensive driveway repair near you. We have modern equipment that helps increase the longevity and efficiency of your next repair. So, don’t let your asphalt driveway repair wait another year. Once roughly 25% of your asphalt is damaged it is more cost efficient to replace the entire thing. Water damage is a serious threat to your home. So, have a professional look at how your water drains to see if there is a higher risk of damage. To avoid that and keep your cost low, consider having our team make minor repairs and reseal your driveway. Our paving contractors pay attention to the details, to help prevent water damage from the winter months. So, if you need a reliable asphalt repair company near Taunton, MA, contact our office today.

For more information on asphalt repair, please see our Asphalt Repair Somerset, MA page.

Our Testimonials

  • review rating 5  Sam was awesome! Best service I’ve ever had. Not only did the work he promised but went above and beyond to fix spots in my driveway and fixed the curb that was damaged this winter by the plows and I didn’t even ask him to do it. He did it for free to show how much he cares about his customers. Highly recommended.. So glad I ran into him today doing work across the street from my home.

    thumb kelbriannn 19
  • review rating 5  I had my rock driveway located in Somerset, MA paved by Samuel Stanley He and his crew are hard meticulous workers who pay attention to detail and do an excellent job. They not only show up, but show up early. My driveway looks so elegant. Nowadays it is extremely hard to find good people. I am so blessed to have chosen this company!

    thumb Susan Blom
  • review rating 5  Sam is the man! So down to earth and personable. I've never been so impressed by workmanship! Sam and his team are simply fantastic. So neat, timely and professional. Communication was above and beyond. We are so happy with our beautiful new driveway and walkway/extra parking space! I feel like a commercial, but make the call to Modern Paving! They are awesome!

    thumb Megan Graff
  • review rating 5  Modern Paving is amazing , get workers fast and really professional!! Sam and his crew did an amazing job ! We are so pleased !! I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a driveway done , they came Sunday to look at it and here it is Monday and they are finishing !! Great price , great guys , great job !!

    thumb Melissa Laplante
  • review rating 5  The Team at Modern Paving was professional, easy to work with, and did a masterful job in repairing my driveway. Sam and his crew were attentive to specific requests I had and followed through in a timely fashion. Thank you Modern Paving for your hard work and effort. I highly recommend!

    thumb Bryan Aries
  • review rating 5  Just had my driveway done this hot July day by Modern Paving. The job looks great. Sam Stanley and his crew were here when he said they would be and that when they were done they would clean everything up. Well, true to his word that's exactly what happened. The driveway got two layers of asphalt that was compressed after each layer. They redefined the shape of my drive, I had no idea how much dirt and grass had grown over the original shape. Very happy with the work they did, they are hard workers who didn't stop until it was complete. Anyone thinking of getting their driveway done I'd say give them a call.

    thumb Deolinda LePage
  • review rating 5  Sam, answered the phone, showed up on time. Went over the entire project very closely. Gave me the estimate then and there. Completed the project 2 days later. Looks great! Thank you to Sam and his crew. Highly recommend!

    thumb Jeff Mello
  • review rating 5  Sam is a true professional! True to his word. The work is incredible, what a difference! Totally transformed my driveway. Sam and his crew were great professionals, clean, neat and what a good! Sam thank you and your crew very very much!

    thumb J
  • review rating 5  Modern Paving is a 5 star company. I got a few other quotes that took awhile to get back to me. SAM picked the phone right up and met me when I got home. We agreed on a great price and asked if he could do the job the next day. I was shocked on how quick the turn around would be. Very next morning him and his crew were on time with the right tools needed for the job. They excavate the new driveway, laid down gravel and compacted, and then laid down the pavement and compacted. They did a beautiful arch driveway for us in no time at all. The crew was courteous, cleaned up the work site, and all thanked me before heading out. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pave job.

    thumb Abe Hummel
  • review rating 5  Last year, I wanted my driveway re-paved, and after numerous calls to many companies, either I wouldn't receive a callback or I would recieve "sorry, we are too busy". It was very dis-heartening so much so, that I just gave up. This year, I started calling companies early just trying to get an estimate or anyone just to take a look, and again, NO call backs. I ended up calling a company, and spoke to George, and he said, he doesn't service my area, but his uncle Sam does, and he gave me his phone number. I didn't have high expectations, because of my past experience, but WOW was I wrong. When I called (Friday), Sam answered the phone, I hesitated because there was an actual person at the end of the line (something I wasn't use too), he said he would come out to take a look the next day (Sat) and he did, (again, something I wasn't use too), he gave me a quote, and we agreed on the price and he wanted to schedule for Monday, but I couldn't because I had some other work being done on the house so we agreed on Tuesday. Sam ran over time on another job on Tuesday, so we discussed moving the work to Wednesday. Sam arrived on Wednesday, and during the day, he called just to touch base with me on the process. My driveway extend to my backyard, and I didn't have any plans on making any updates to that portion. It just wasn't in my budget. Sam worked it out with me, because he really wanted my property to look it's best. He did make me an offer I couldn't refuse and I am so glad he did. I can't express, what a carefree, wonderful experience this has been. Old school customer service, quality, price, fun to work with, stress free, and above all, Sam and crew treated my home like it was their own. You would be crazy to go anywhere else.

    thumb Kimberley White