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Driveway Installation Middleborough, MA

Are you searching for “driveway installation near me” in the Middleborough, MA area? Our experienced driveway installers can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We install high-quality asphalt driveways built to stand the test of time. With our help, you can add curb appeal and value to your home while giving your family and guests a smooth surface to park on. We can also provide a protective seal coating that keeps moisture from destroying your driveway over time. With unmatched experience, quality materials, and dedicated customer service, we offer the best value available. Call today in order to receive a free driveway installation cost estimate from the experts at Modern Paving.

Driveway Installation Near Me

Not all driveways are created equal! You could hire any old contractor, but remember that you are investing a fair amount of money for something that you are going to use practically every day. It’s worth it to put in the extra effort to find the right company for the job. With decades of experience in the industry, we know how to build a driveway that looks great and lasts.

What makes a great driveway? Here’s what our experienced driveway installers say:

  • A Solid Sub-Base: A driveway needs a solid sub-base because the pavement is susceptible to shifting, cracking, and sinking without one. We replace soft dirt with a solid base that supports the top layer of asphalt and keeps it in place.
  • Adequate Drainage: We also ensure that your driveway is built with proper slope and drainage methods to keep water from pooling. Water can also pool up in the sub-base underneath, so the rocks have to be laid properly to ensure water drains out.
  • Quality Materials: For driveway installations, we use a quality asphalt mix that works specifically for driveways. It is both durable and attractive. Many subcontractors use whatever mix they can get their hands on, and it often leads to subpar results.
  • Expert Construction: We have years of experience in the paving business. We use proven construction practices and highly skilled technicians. Modern paving offers the highest quality craftsmanship in the Middleborough, MA area.
  • Proper Maintenance: We offer seal coating services that protect your driveway for years to come. As for maintenance, it’s important to ensure that drainage continues to work properly. Also, when your driveway cracks, it’s necessary to fill and seal the crack as soon as possible to avoid water from getting into the sub-base and compromising the driveway.

Driveway Installers Near Me

If you’re looking for a quality driveway installation near Middleborough, MA, Modern Paving is the right choice for you. We service residential homes in Fall River, Westport, Lakeville, Freetown, Taunton, Swansea, Somerset, and other towns in the surrounding area.

Looking for expert driveway installers? Want a driveway that lasts? Modern Paving is here to serve you.

  • In business since 1972
  • 5-star Home Advisor rating
  • Owners on-site for every job
  • Prompt, friendly, professional crew
  • Free cost estimates for all driveway installations
  • Seal coating, maintenance, and repair services available

Don’t settle for any contractor. Get the best product and service you can get. Contact Modern Paving today and get in touch with Massachusetts finest driveway installation crew.

Driveway Installation Cost

The cost of your driveway installation will depend on the square footage of your desired driveway. Contact us at (508) 974-7464 in order to get your free estimate and schedule your installation. We are open from Monday-Friday, 9AM-9PM. Our driveway installers are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you get the result you want.

For information on seal coating, please see our Residential Seal Coating Fall River, MA page.

Our Testimonials

  • review rating 5  Sam is extremely friendly and very professional answers the phone when you call , came by and looked at what I needed done right away and gave me a fair price for the work , we agreed and he said he could get it done in a couple of days , his guys came by and did the job exactly when he said they would , and his crew did an excellent job I'm very impressed with my new driveway it looks great Sam and his crew exceeded all my expectations i highly recommend modern paving

    thumb Matthew Regan
  • review rating 5  I had my rock driveway located in Somerset, MA paved by Samuel Stanley He and his crew are hard meticulous workers who pay attention to detail and do an excellent job. They not only show up, but show up early. My driveway looks so elegant. Nowadays it is extremely hard to find good people. I am so blessed to have chosen this company!

    thumb Susan Blom
  • review rating 5  Modern Paving is a 5 star company. I got a few other quotes that took awhile to get back to me. SAM picked the phone right up and met me when I got home. We agreed on a great price and asked if he could do the job the next day. I was shocked on how quick the turn around would be. Very next morning him and his crew were on time with the right tools needed for the job. They excavate the new driveway, laid down gravel and compacted, and then laid down the pavement and compacted. They did a beautiful arch driveway for us in no time at all. The crew was courteous, cleaned up the work site, and all thanked me before heading out. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pave job.

    thumb Abe Hummel
  • review rating 5  Sam is a true professional! True to his word. The work is incredible, what a difference! Totally transformed my driveway. Sam and his crew were great professionals, clean, neat and what a good! Sam thank you and your crew very very much!

    thumb J
  • review rating 5  Sam is a man of his word. I met him last year when he came to quote a new driveway I needed for the new home I just purchased. He showed up when he said he would and his team did an incredible job. So good I had him patch and seal my other driveways that need his touch. Last week I decided to pave the stone driveway on my rental property ( shoveling stone sucks in the snow) The first and only person I called was Sam. Ii was great to see him again.. He finished the project today and I and my tenants are so happy. He is the best and a pleasure to work with

    thumb david durot
  • review rating 5  Great job. Sam came right out to estimate and go over the design of new driveway. Started and finished the driveway two days later as planned. Sam is a man of his word and works on old school values would highly recommend.

    thumb Bill Platt
  • review rating 5  Sam and the boys are the best at what they do. They work until the job is done. I would recommend them to anyone. Sams enthusiasm is like no other. You want the job done right call Sam and his crew, let them put a smile on your face.

    thumb Richard Tetrault
  • review rating 5  Well guys... Merry Christmas!! Sam !! How much can be said? He is honest, helpful,got a great work ethic...his work..Superb,beautifully done...he will work with you.. listen to your driveway is gorgeous..give him a call u won't be sorry.

    thumb Irene Mele
  • review rating 5  Last year, I wanted my driveway re-paved, and after numerous calls to many companies, either I wouldn't receive a callback or I would recieve "sorry, we are too busy". It was very dis-heartening so much so, that I just gave up. This year, I started calling companies early just trying to get an estimate or anyone just to take a look, and again, NO call backs. I ended up calling a company, and spoke to George, and he said, he doesn't service my area, but his uncle Sam does, and he gave me his phone number. I didn't have high expectations, because of my past experience, but WOW was I wrong. When I called (Friday), Sam answered the phone, I hesitated because there was an actual person at the end of the line (something I wasn't use too), he said he would come out to take a look the next day (Sat) and he did, (again, something I wasn't use too), he gave me a quote, and we agreed on the price and he wanted to schedule for Monday, but I couldn't because I had some other work being done on the house so we agreed on Tuesday. Sam ran over time on another job on Tuesday, so we discussed moving the work to Wednesday. Sam arrived on Wednesday, and during the day, he called just to touch base with me on the process. My driveway extend to my backyard, and I didn't have any plans on making any updates to that portion. It just wasn't in my budget. Sam worked it out with me, because he really wanted my property to look it's best. He did make me an offer I couldn't refuse and I am so glad he did. I can't express, what a carefree, wonderful experience this has been. Old school customer service, quality, price, fun to work with, stress free, and above all, Sam and crew treated my home like it was their own. You would be crazy to go anywhere else.

    thumb Kimberley White
  • review rating 5  Modern Paving is amazing , get workers fast and really professional!! Sam and his crew did an amazing job ! We are so pleased !! I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a driveway done , they came Sunday to look at it and here it is Monday and they are finishing !! Great price , great guys , great job !!

    thumb Melissa Laplante